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As November hits and it’s too cold to get out on the field, the development focus now turns to offseason training. For softball, that means throwing harder, hitting the ball harder, and getting stronger for the spring and summer.


Our softball offseason training kicked off this week for throwing and hitting. For throwing this means building velocity. All the throwing velocity research tends to focus on the baseball side, with not much emphasis on softball, and at times it feels like softball can be left in the dust. Not at WIRED. With the help of Ruby Meylan we have taken the Driveline process for baseball throwing and developed our own drills to help girls throw harder from the circle. With our process we’ve seen at least a gain of 4 to 7 mph on our athletes pitching velocity each offseason.


For our non-pitchers, the process doesn’t deviate much from the baseball process and the focus is on position-velocity be it catchers, infielders, or outfielders. The harder you can throw the ball the better chance you’ll have to make the crucial out you need next season.


With hitting, we want to see our athletes gain swing speed and, in turn, exit velocity when they’re hitting. The first step in the process is using Super Speed Sluggers to increase bat speed. As the offseason progresses the focus changes to swing quickness, attack angle, and approach. With the use of our Hit Trax we can measure exit velocity, launch angle, and can play live games to measure progress with each athlete. This allows us to adjust the training to each athlete and they can see the biggest gains.


To learn more about how you can improve this winter, please reach out to me via email: support@wiredmail.com

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