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Brian Southworth

Brian graduated from Papillion LaVista in 2006 and went on to play Baseball at Iowa Western Community College. After his playing career, he immediately went into Coaching. Brian specializes in Player Development and is widely recognized for his use of technology assessing players and during training allowing players to fix specific needs.


  • Driveline Foundations of Pitching
  • Driveline Foundations of Hitting
  • Driveline Youth Baseball Development
  • Driveline Pitch Design
  • Rapsodo Baseball Pitching
  • Rapsodo Baseball Hitting
  • Rapsodo Softball Pitching
  • OnBaseU Hitting
  • OnBaseU Pitching
  • TPI Power Level II
  • K MOTION Baseball Level I
  • Florida Baseball Ranch Savage
Jake Meyers
Jake MeyersHouston Astros

Brian provided a top-notch facility with the best resources you can train with. He was very helpful in my journey to refine my swing. The technology he uses allows him to understand more about each of the hitters he works with and how he can make them better in various ways. The approach Brian takes in making athletes better hitters is second to none. He is very knowledgeable in the subject of hitting and creates an environment for baseball players to learn and grow as hitters.

Ruby Meylan
Ruby MeylanUniversity of Washington

WIRED Training Center has been a huge help in improving my training over the past two years. WIRED has all of the resources a young athlete needs in order to be successful. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and the technology is top-notch. The facility is also an amazing environment to train with other athletes!

Train With Brian

  • Baseball & Softball Hitting
  • Baseball Pitching
  • Baseball & Softball Fielding