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Palmer Easton Chase

Youth Athletic Development

Develop a foundation of coordination and basic movement skills that promote long-term athletic development


Movement Skill & Coordination

Cardiovascular Health

Body Composition

Long-term Success in Sports

Promote a Lifetime of Fitness

Improved Academic Skill, Behavior, and Mental Health

Ages 8 to 10

Active Start Goals

Have Fun in Strength Training Setting

Develop Movement Literacy

Learn to Compete

Ages 11 to 13

Learn to Train Goals

Prepare for a High School Strength and Conditioning Program

Master Basic Lifting and Core Technique

Build Efficient Movement Patterns


September - February

1-hour session | Thu

Summer Camp June - August

8 1-hour sessions | Thu 1:00 pm


Youth Athletic Development Camp

Spend 8 weeks this summer becoming a better athlete. Attendees will gain movement, coordination, jumping, and sprinting skills while learning to train and compete. Click below to sign up now!
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